About Room 508

Welcome to room 508! The students in this classroom aren't just students, they are scholars! We will be working very hard to see that each student realizes their full potential.

Our specials schedule is as follows: Monday art, Tuesday gym, Wednesday library or computers, Thursday gym, and Friday music.

We will be making discoveries through reading and language, learning about and building a community in this classroom, and experimenting in science and with STEAM lessons! We will be expanding our vocabulary, tweaking our life skills, exploring through play, and becoming authors and illustrators!

Along the way we will become better citizens. We will use the pillars of character to be our best selves and make the world a better, more positive place to grow and learn.

About Room 508


Reading Stamina

Over the course of this year, our goal is to increase our reading stamina, our ability to sit in engaged reading. This is a process. We will build our reading stamina by learning different strategies.


Number of Read Alouds

Almost every day our class will have a special time to hear books read aloud. We will see how many we can read by June. Parents are welcome to schedule a visit to read aloud to Room 508. And of course, you should read to your child every opportunity get!


Number of Days with 100% Attendance

If you're healthy, please come (on time)! If you're sick, take a day of rest!


Number of Days with 100% Homework

Our goal is to have many days with everyone's homework complete AND parent signatures in the agenda!