Words Their Way

Words Their Way is a series we use at Riverside Elementary to learn spelling and  vocabulary in a way that children find easier because words are grouped by spelling patterns and sounds.  There are four books in the series.    The links below are for your knowledge.  Note the spelling  patterns of the sorts; they usually  have a pattern of consonants (c) and vowels (v).  Vowels are only a,e,i, o, and u.  The consonants are the rest of the alphabet.

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Words Their Way Red Book Sorts

Words Their Way Yellow Book Sorts

Words Their Way Green Book Sorts

Your child will complete various sort exercises in class.  These are a few…

Closed Sort: Students sort words with given categories or guide words provided by the teacher (categories and/or guide words are in bold print).  Students are encourage to say each word as they put them into the correct category so that they can hear the pattern being taught.

Open Sort: Students create their own categories for a set of words different than the categories set in the closed sort.  Students are to find ways to group the words according to vowel patterns, meanings, parts of speech ,etc.

Blind Sort: Using given guide words, students spell or write words in the correct category as a partner calls each word aloud without showing it.  For younger grades, students may point to the correct category after hearing the word called out.

Writing Sort: Students write their words under the correct categories.

Speed Sort: Students sort words quickly under the correct categories (using a timer to see how fast they can do it!) Students love to beat records and set goals for themselves.

Word Hunt: Students hunt through their own reading and writing for words that are additional examples of the sound, pattern or meaning unit they studying.